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The Women Economic Forum, the largest global network of women in the world, recently had its first version in Ecuador with the participation of experts and recognized leading women both from the country and abroad, among which Dr. Sarah Dyson, professor at Harrisburg University, stood out, member of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars, and associate member and academic reviewer of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology “The Journal of Social Behavioral and Health Sciences and The Arkansas Psychological Journal”.

Dr. Dyson, participated with the presentation entitled “Let’s go higher” that focused on the organization at home, the hours that this action takes and what must be learned in relation to this, such as the role of women, men, and children in household chores and how this influences the fulfillment of goals and personal fulfillment of women. This research concluded that women of this century do not reach their personal goals, and this is because they not only dedicate their time to work, but also lend about 40 hours to the organization of the house. In this sample participated people of three types of generations “Baby Boomers” aged 57 to 65 years, “Gen X” from 45 to 56 years and “Millennials” from 25 to 44 years.

With the outstanding participation of its faculty in events of international relevance, Harrisburg University reaffirms its commitment to encourage women to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers, so today it has a large community of women specialized in science; graduates and pursuing the master’s and doctoral degrees offered by the institution,  as well as female professionals who teach in both the U.S. and Latin America.

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