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Daniel Chapman has kept busy since graduating from HU.

In addition to working, preparing for graduate school and pursuing his passion for music, the Newark, Delaware native has also followed his dreams of becoming a published author.

Since graduating from HU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology in 2017, Chapman published two children’s books and a science fiction title is in the works.

Photo of Chapman's two children's books

The first book, titled, “Can You Find a Four-Leaf Clover,” centers on Chapman’s grandfather and the lessons he taught him growing up. The second book, “Teach A Girl to Fish,” was written for a friend who loves fishing and loves his little girl even more.

Even if Chapman is a bit of a renaissance man, he might have found his true calling in writing, as he has two more books he hopes to publish before the end of this year.

We recently caught up with him to find out more about his writing pursuits, his other interests, and more:

Q: Where are you from originally? (Think I saw it is Newark, Delaware? Where are you at now?

A: I am from Newark, Delaware originally. Born in Wilmington, raised in Newark for 7 years, then moved to Baltimore until I was 18. After college, I stayed for another year before moving back to Newark.

Q: What have you been up to since you graduated?

A: Since graduating, I have been keeping myself busy with continuing to write books. I published a second children’s title and am currently working on a sci-fi title. I also keep plenty busy making music and just recently started a business as a hybrid publisher with the goal of helping others self-publish too. In my career I worked for a bit of time mastering all I could in Quality Assurance before finding an opportunity at Siemens Healthineers to do some production science.

Q: Tell us a bit more about the two books you published?

A: The first book, “Can You Find A Four-Leaf Clover,” is about my grandfather and I and everything he meant to me becoming the man I am today. It also is a story about how I used his lessons that were always meant to help me overcome my autism traits, to process losing him. The second book, “Teach A Girl to Fish,” was written for a friend who loves fishing and loves his little girl even more! That one was probably more fun to write because it made me think about having children down the road. It also was my inspiration for starting the publishing business and ultimately opened the door for a series to be written out.

Q: What are you doing now in terms of education? Books? Music? Career?

A: I am currently in the processing of applying to a master’s program in bioinformatics or healthcare informatics. Still largely undecided, unfortunately. Once that degree is completed, I will be moving on to pursuing a Ph.D./M.D. dual program. As mentioned earlier, I have a lot more planned with books, namely with several series planned in the works and two more releases just by the end of 2020. Music I also plan on continuing to make. I am a creator, and I will use every talent God has given me to bring growth and awareness as I best can. My career is solely focused on true healing of the mind and body on a wide scale.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your time at HU? What did it provide you?

A: At HU I learned that I didn’t have to quit, and that if I persevered for my own agenda I could truly achieve. I saw that even small changes can start to take shape over time. And that minimal action is ALWAYS better than inaction.

To keep up with  Chapman and follow his work, visit his website at

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